Tom’s Story

I have always been amazed at the ability to capture a moment in time.

The photo here is a precious, personal “moment in time” for me.

It was taken by my mother. Her sons are lined up for a photograph in front of the family wharf in St. St. Andrews, N.B., Canada.

I’m the second from left holding my first camera – a Box Brownie by Kodak.

Although the technology has changed greatly over the years, my love of photography remains constant.


As a teenager I operated a film developing and print lab in the basement of my parents house. It’s sad in a way that today’s young people probably will never experience the joy of that old process – developing your own film, exposing blank photographic paper through a “negative” and then watching your photograph magically appearing on the paper in a dark room tray.

In 1996 I moved from Atlantic Canada to the other side of the BIG POND to live in County Kerry, Ireland. Eventually my old “film” cameras got used less and less as my first digital camera was far cheaper to use and permitted me the opportunity for cost effective experiments in techniques like time-lapse photography.

Over the years I have worked commercially photographing both landscapes and local products for clients in Canada and Ireland.

I also provide a comprehensive photo editing and restoration service.

If you need quality images for personal or commercial use for print or internet use please contact me for a quote.